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Survival words in Oulu as a First Aid

About Oulu for International Students

The Big Stone Ball at Rotuaari

Kauppatori, Market Place

Torinranta, the Area around the Market Place

Toripolliisi, Fat Police Man Statue

Kaupunginteatteri, The City Theatre of Oulu

Pääkirjasto, City Library

Sillat, Bridges

Pikisaari, an pittoresque Island in the front of Torinranta

Rotuaari, a place for everyone in the heart of Oulu

Rotuaarin Pallo, the stone ball, that rolls in the water in Rotuaari 

Esiintymislava, Iron Stage

Kaupungintalo, The City Council House

Letkunpuisto, A Central Park with a nice cafe´

Valkea, the newest Mall

Tuira, an area of Oulu

Further places

Ainolanpuisto, the city park of Ainola

Lohiportaat, Salmon stairs

Nallikari, Sea shore

Sanginjoki, Recreation area with forest

Raatti, Sports Center

Areena, jäähalli, Ice Hockey Hall

Pesäpallostadion, Finnish Baseball stadion

Heinäpään jalkapallohalli, soccer hall etc.

Hailuoto, Big island 

Koitelinkoski, Rapids

Universities, Schools
OAMK, Oulun Ammattikorkeakoulu, OUAS, the University of Applied sciences, Oulun yliopisto, UniOulu, the University of Oulu and A lot of other schools

Things and words

Pitsa, Lätty, pizza

Pitseria, a lot of cheep pizzerias

Kärkkäri, a funny sausage sold everywhere

Polkupyörä, bikes

Kypärä, helmet you need absolutely

Onnikka, bussi, bus


Bussipysäkki, bus stops

Ravintolat, a lot of Restaurants


Raha, kortti, cash and cards

Opiskelijakortti, alennus, Student card, discount


Tuuli, it is always blowing in Oulu

Lämpimät vaatteet, warm clothes

Takki, coat

Kengät, shoes

Käsineet, gloves

Lappi, pipo, myssy, cap

Kaulahuivi, scarf

Kypärä, a helmet when biking (nearly a must)


Lidl, halpa, cheaper food

SPR, Kontti, flea market

Pelastusarmeijan kirpputori, Salvation Army Flea Markets

Halpahalli, cheap markets

Prisma, K-Market, Sale, shops 


Luottamus, trust

Avoimuus, openness

Viranomaiset auttavat, Officials help

Poliisi kiltti, Friendly Police

Terveyskeskus, Health Centers


Kieli, suomi, mostly English, also Swedish, German, French

Murre, dialect

Hiljaisuus tyypillistä, silence is very typical

Photos of Oulu for international students

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Aurora Photo From Finland On FOX 8 News, Cleveland, OH

Survival tips for international students in Oulu

What an international student wants to know about Oulu?

There is Ella, who is listening to us. She studies administration and law at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. She comes from Lapland and knows how to wear warm clothes. We really know how many issues to take care of in winter cold. 

Chris seeks information on YouTube before coming to Oulu

Chris is interested to hear what to wear. He also has been examining that in YouTube before he came to make his master´s examination in international business at the University of Applied Sciences in Oulu, Finland. This country offers still free study at the universities also for foreign students for studies started before the fall 2017 or later. 

Survival guide for Exchange students

There are some advice for foreign students for starting to live in Oulu,

Look at that blog, too!

tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2016

Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki

Just planning to develop a scientific game or an app for catching mice. Not possible for a lazy cat, anyway!

Pocket Gamer Connects arranged in Helsinki, London, Bangalore, Vancouver, San Fransisco

Olli is pitching his game in Helsinki and I am just planning to do something, like starting to play with the mice.

"What is PG Connects?
Pocket Gamer Connects is the conference series that reaches the heart of the mobile gaming industry. Curated by the teams responsible for the world’s leading mobile gaming publications, it’s the essential event for anyone wanting to meet, hear, and learn from the leading figures from every corner of the mobile games industry.
Over 7,000 people have so far attended our Pocket Gamer Connects conferences and have loved the unique access to the biggest names in the sector, the brilliant networking opportunities, and sharply honed content on show."

Olli´s Antidote Game got the second place in the competition among 37 competitors in PGC Helsinki.  Congratulations to my brother! Wishes The Snow leopard, The Cat. 

sunnuntai 4. syyskuuta 2016

Saara Aalto makes Nicole want to twerk!

Saara Aalto from Finland, Oulu Area! Near the place where Santa Claus lives! 

My mum told that Saara´s daddy is such a good teacher. She was participating in an ICT-course which was held by Saara´s father. It is interesting how many talented people are originally from this plain area of Oulu region. Plain with many bushes, a bit like Florida with its low scenery with small rivers.

Saara´s grand daddy is a famous film maker and director, also an artist. He still lives in Kempele. 

I am so happy with Saara´s success. She is just an adorable and nice young and talented singer.

I forgot to tell that Saara´s granny taught my mom to teach children the traditional Nordic Lucia tradition, where girls in white gowns are singing Christmas carols for charity and visiting hospitals.